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"Keziah Niambi John-Paul, given the task of opening the evening, started the night off with the right amount of power and pizzazz with “But the World Goes ‘Round” from the revue And, the World Goes ‘Round."
                                -Theater Pizzazz
"Keziah John-Paul brings a sweetness to the naive Nabulungi, whose wholehearted embrace of what Cunningham has to offer makes her dream of a paradise called “Sal Tlay Ka Siti”"
                         -Tulsa World
"Keziah, who was on the cover of the Washington Post Magazine for her outstanding performance as Dorothy in "The Wiz”, says her job, as an artist is to "unravel and display humanity in its most honest form." A teacher describes Keziah saying, "She defines extraordinary."
                           -Washington Post
"The elegantly hype-as-f*ck Ms. Niambi tested the limits of stage capacity, bringing eight band members together for an hour’s worth of high-flying soul."
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