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Peace, Love, & Light!


     Keziah Niambi John-Paul is a world based singer, actress, dancer, writer and MC. As a recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts Keziah earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting – Musical Theater, minoring in Africana Studies.

      Originally from Washington DC, Keziah has been studying the arts since the age of four. Some of her artistic training includes: Studio Theater, Jones Haywood School of Dance, Interlochen Arts Academy, NYU Tisch, University of Ghana, and Duke Ellington School of the Arts. She has performed in many roles throughout the theater and musical theater cannon with her most influential including Kate in Michael John’s LaChiua’s The Wild Party, The DJ in Will Power’s The Seven, Hecuba in Euripides’ The Trojan Women and Nabalungi in The Book of Mormon. As a Film, TV, and stage actress Keziah seeks work and collaborators that express an interest in the pan African experience as well as work and collaborators inspired by the stories of peoples who may not have a platform to speak their voice and share their truth. 


      On her path of revolution by way of art Keziah began writing and producing her own music in high school, while attending the Duke Ellington School of the Arts - creating melodies, harmonies, and lyrics, going by her middle name, Niambi, which means Melody in Swahili. Niambi masterfully moves between the genres of soul, funk, Jazz and Hip-Hop as she delivers a uniquely distinctive musical experience. Her musical influences range from legends, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Chaka Khan, Prince, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley and A Tribe Called Quest.


      Keziah also has experience as a teaching artist, exposing inner city youth in D.C. to Hip-Hop/Poetry and songwriting. In her work as a thespian, songwriter, MC, and healer Keziah Niambi is dedicated to connecting people throughout the world by creating art that ables us to see ourselves in one another, awakening solidarity and growth amongst our global community.


      As Keziah works to fulfill her purpose in this lifetime she sees herself as a spiritual being having a human experience. She plans to share some of this experience in an album she's currently composing entitled StellarNebula. Along with working on her debut album,  Keziah Niambi is currently an understudy and swing in The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Keziah wishes her readers and listeners love, light, and great health!



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